The end of an era at WCC

When I think back on my time at Waverley Christian College I reminisce so many wonderful memories, amazing achievements by individual students and the program as a whole, as well as remember staff, students and leadership who’s desire to form a community into a family is enacted rather than just acted.

I came to WCC as an unmarried, mid twenties musician, fresh from the professional performance industry and the world of instrumental teaching. Life was exciting and the future ahead looked so open for me to take on the world.  I hadn’t planned on making WCC as much as it became and was really only looking to do the 2 days a week of classroom and ensembles teaching that the position was advertising.  I must have done something right in the interview as I walked out really wanting the job more than I had expected and with an offer of employment that would completely revamp the position to 5 days a week if I would take it on, an offer too good to refuse.

Through teaching Drama, Wednesday afternoon sport and Year 8 homegroup, I made it through my early years as a full-time employee of Waverley Christian College, but what really drove me was the challenge to take on a program of ensembles that consisted of one band, one 3piece jazz ensemble (including the 2 teachers in the group) and a choir, and somehow turn that into what I had experienced as a student at Blackburn High School in the glory days of 2003.

I’ll spare you all the details but with highlights that include back to back Mt Gambier Jazz Championship wins, back to back Platinum shields at festivals, Perfect VCE Scores, Top Class, Top Acts, Performances in Parliament, Community outreach and close to 40 Music ensemble performances across the year, in 2018 (3 years into the current 4 year plan) the Music program reached its current pinnacle of 853 students (out of 1260 in the school) involved in extra curricular music (66%) and 13 ensembles for students to be involved in.  I think the mid twenties, early career me would be proud to see the fruit of what he dreamed so many years ago.

I mentioned that WCC is like a family.  In my outgoing speech to the staff, students, community and alumni that attend my very generous farewell, I spoke about the amazing physical, mental and tangible support Waverley Christian College gave to carry my little family through times that could not be walked alone and how they had embraced the true sense of family that I would have considered impossible for a workplace to achieve until I saw it modelled towards me at WCC. Through the pain, loss and emptiness, Waverley Christian College provided a shining light at the end of part of that long tunnel and embraced their God-given purpose in such a situation.  For that, my wife, sons and I will be eternally grateful.

Waverley has been a home away from home, more like a purpose than a job. I will walk away a different man, a more passionate educator, a more skilled communicator and a wiser leader because of what they sowed into me. I am so glad that my ties with the school do not need to end at the end of this year, with my wife, Emma, still working as a Secondary School CRT I will be sure to make it back to watch the amazing things that the passionate and wonderful team taking over my role have in store for WCC Music and Performing Arts.

Thank you to all the staff, students and amazing community that have been part of my last 8 years at Waverley Christian College.  I will value all you have done to shape me for my next steps into the future.

So for the last time with this signature:

Mr. David George
Secondary Music Coordinator
Waverley Christian College – Wantirna South


Ps. Seeing as a worked so hard on it over the past 8 years, it deserves one last plug.  To see all that have been happening at WCC Performing Arts over the past 8 years please visit and the WCC Performing Arts Facebook site.


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